The Patient

The Patient chronicles the lives of cancer patients of various geographic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds offering an up-close and intimate glimpse into their day-to-day lives as they work through their cancer diagnosis and its impact. Through the experiences of patients themselves, the documentary dives into what the patient knows is conducive to healing and how to thrive at living with cancer.

Navigating the treatment process can be difficult and confusing for newly diagnosed patients. After receiving a diagnosis, there is very little organized support within the cancer community to help mentor patients and their families. Hearing the patients perspective can help guide the experience and educate newly diagnosed patients in ways that medical professionals are unable to provide.

The Patient is about finding inspiration from others; it is about learning that you are not alone and understanding that you can thrive living with cancer.


March 2019

"Cancer is not my identity. It's only my body that has cancer."

Sara Peterson, Survivor