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Lake Productions

Lake Productions focus is on diversity-oriented films about marginalized communities and aims to provide platforms for voices that don't often get heard. Jon Garcia is the founder, director, and producer. Eddie Passadore is executive producer. Lacy Todd is a producer. Bill and Dianne McLean are executive producers.


Bill and Diane McLean, Retired, Portland, Oregon

Bill was a high school teacher & championship soccer coach for 30 years at Beaverton High School. In 2018, Bill finished 12 rounds of treatment for colon cancer and he had no symptoms, no risk factors and lived an active and healthy lifestyle. Their sons were the impetus for this project after spending time in the chemo infusion treatment center. Once a teacher always a teacher, Bill recognized the importance of sharing patient stories and teaching others how to move beyond surviving and into a life where patients can thrive at living.

Jon Garcia, Director, Portland, Oregon

I was inspired to work on The Patient for many reasons. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and two years ago I lost a close friend of mine to this disease. I also currently have more than a few close friends that have been living with this condition for a number of years now. Cancer is a disease that seems to have no rhyme or reason, it can happen whether you live a healthy life or not, in spite of where you live or if it runs in your family.  One way to retain a level of understanding about this condition is to talk about it, share stories about it and let people express themselves about how it has impacted their lives and how they thrived against it.

Dan Crates, Colon Cancer Surviver, Portland, Oregon

There has been more than one occasion in my life where life didn’t go as planned or as I’d hoped for. But nothing is more devastating and life-altering than being diagnosed with late-stage cancer. For me, this disease stripped away the protective varnish of youth and invincibility. The stories in The Patient paint a mural of each individual experience and while unique to that person they are also equally shared with other survivors. It’s these commonalities that need to be shared and expressed so that a new understanding and protocol to care is developed.

Caroline Fitchett, Consultant, Bend, Oregon

The cancer diagnosis for my family felt like the foundation of life was pulled away from our control. My own experience supporting my father and grandfather through cancer revealed how much we didn't know about the experience of living with cancer. By sharing the stories of a patients perspective I believe we can learn how patients can live and thrive while treating the disease, and how family and friends can best support the patient in living well with cancer.

Eddie Passadore, Executive Producer, Portland Oregon

Eddie Passadore is a lifelong resident of Portland, Oregon. He is an entrepreneur, LGBTQ+ activist, producer and father of two. Eddie manages larger multi-family properties and the commercial real estate at Passadore Properties, he is actively involved in Portland Business and Community Outreach. He was an executive producer of the popular Room To Grow documentary and series about LGBTQ+ youth in 2018.

Sara Peterson, Interior Designer, Scappoose Oregon

It is unfortunate that I have known so many dear family and friends who have been diagnosed with various types of cancer; some have ended in triumphant successes, some with devastating losses. This, however, in no way prepared me for my own diagnosis of late-stage colon cancer. I was foolhearted to believe that because of age and lifestyle choices, I was not at risk. This film is from the patients perspective of life once you have been thrown into the tornado of treatment care. It is my sincere hope that the personal stories in The Patient will bring an understanding of what it means to live your best life after your world has been turned upside down and provide the newly diagnosed patient with a sense of community. You are not alone.


Gavin has more than 25 years of experience in strategic engagement and behavior change -- from local projects to national and international campaigns. Gavin started his career in public relations and has worked to help clients in retail, the sciences, the food industry, insurance, and government before leaving to co-found, Heartsmartkids and his own Visual Language consulting business.